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A02 - Individual behaviour in encoding and decoding prosodic prominence

The variability in the encoding and decoding of prosodic prominence depends not only on linguistic factors (e.g. cue-trading) and individual factors (e.g. perspective-taking abilities), but also on the concrete situational context in which it is studied (e.g. task requirements). We will focus on prominence usage in dyadic interactions to disentangle different sources of variability, and to investigate the cognitive processes and underlying neurobiological mechanisms employed.

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Prof. Dr. Martine Grice

Prof. Dr. Martine Grice

Project Leader A01, A02 und C09

Office: Phonetik, Herbert-Lewin-Straße 6
E-Mail: martine.grice(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-5610
Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Vogeley

Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Vogeley

Project Leader A02

Office: Kerpener Straße 62
E-Mail: kai.vogeley(at)
Dr. Simon Wehrle

Dr. Simon Wehrle

Postdoc A02

Office: Phonetik, Herbert-Lewin-Straße 6
E-mail: simon.wehrle(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-4195
Malin Spaniol

Malin Spaniol

Doctoral student A02

Office: SFB, Luxemburger Str. 299, room 2.08
E-mail: malin.spaniol(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-89908
Felix Wessing

Felix Wessing

Associated, Research Assistant A02

Office: Psychiatrie Uniklinik Köln, Gleuelerstr. 50
E-mail: fwessing(at)


To appear


  • Mereu, Daniela, Francesco Cangemi & Martine Grice. 2024. Backchannels are not always very short utterances. The case of Italian Multi-Unit Backchannels. Journal of Pragmatics 228. 1–16.
  • Savino, Michelina, Simon Wehrle & Martine Grice. 2024. The prosody of Italian newsreading: a diachronic analysis. In Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2024. Leiden.
  • Sbranna, Simona, Michelina Savino, Florence Baills & Martine Grice. 2024. Vocal feedback and eye gaze patterns in Italian task-based dyadic conversations. In Proceedings AISV Annual Conference. Turin.
  • Spaniol, Malin, Simon Wehrle, Alicia Janz, Kai Vogeley & Martine Grice. 2024. The Influence of Conversational Context on Lexical and Prosodic Aspects of Backchannels and Gaze Behaviour. In Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2024. Leiden.








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