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Cooperations on research

The Collaborative Research Center 1252 "Prominence in Language" boasts a broad national and international research network. On this page, you will find an overview of our current Mercator Fellows, Senior and Junior Fellows, as well as our collaborations with junior researchers and institutional partners at the University of Cologne and beyond. If you, too, are interested in co-operating with our group of interdisciplinary linguists, please contact the Principal Investigators in question or our Deputy Managing Director, Ana-Laura Lemke.

(1) Mercator Fellows

Fellowships give our projects the opportunity of long-term exchange of ideas with both German and international researchers. Fellows spend time at the CRC but also remain in contact with project members beyond their stay in Cologne. Fellows from outside Germany receive the additional distinction of Mercator Fellow, honoring their international engagement. Mercator Fellows also contribute directly to project outcomes and may even take a central role in the project.


(2) International Fellows

Senior and Junior Fellows communicate closely with one or several projects and advance the CRC's research through their own expertise. They typically visit Cologne for up to four weeks, thereby contributing to a vibrant working environment. 

Senior Fellows

Junior Fellows

(3) Heisenberg Programme

(4) Humboldt scholarships

Interdisciplinary Cooperations

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