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CRC-internal events

The CRC has organised several events to promote intensive exchange between all projects and CRC staff.

Dissertations at the CRC 1252

Following of our doctoral students presented their completed dissertations on from December 2020 to January 2021:

  • Christoph Bracks (project A03): "Prosodic Systems in the languages of Eastern Indonesia: The Prosody-Syntax Interface in Totoli"
  • Diego Romero Heredero (project B04): "Verbal Semantics and DOM in Spanish"
  • Simon Rössig (project A04): "Categoriality and Continuity in Prosodic Prominence"
  • Caterina Ventura (project A01): "Production, perception and online processing of prominence in the post-focal domain"
  • Frank Zickenheiner (project C06): "Accepting Speech Acts" 
  • Melanie Fuchs (project C07): "Demonstrative Pronouns and Attention Orienting"
  • Nuria Martínez García (project A05): "Prosodically Conditioned Realization of Voiced Stops and Vowels in Yucatecan Spanish"

For more information please contact Marco García García (marco.garcia(at) or Petra Schumacher (petra.schumacher(at)

CRC retreats

The CRC organises an annual retreat to work together on the development of the project. In addition to presenting current work from the subprojects, the retreat is aimed at identifying common cross-sectional topics and promoting young researchers. Much of the retreat uses a workshop format, in which CRC members from all three areas meet. The plenary sessions address general topics relevant to everyone, such as gender and equality.

Prominenz Kompakt

"Prominenz Kompakt" is a half-day internal conference. The format varies: One time, the CRC organized a plenary lecture, after which work was continued in small groups; another time a highly interactive event was achieved solely with a poster session. The CRC used the 2019 conference to review a detailed presentation of the plan for phase II.

"Prominence Research Frame Phase II", November 2019: At this conference the research framework for Phase II was presented and discussed.

"Prominence on Posters", January 2019: At this “Prominenz Kompakt”-Conference, the posters of each area were presented in such a way that the members of the other sections could comment on these posters. By having two run throughs per area, we stimulated a great deal of useful interaction between researchers.

"Concepts of Prominence", January 2018: At this conference, the CRC gathered and discussed different concepts of prominence in great detail. In advance, all PIs, postdocs and PhDs wrote down what they understood by the term "prominence" and what would illustrate this well. The feedback was then discussed in a short plenary discussion and in small groups.

KickOff event

  • 3.7.2017: with guest speaker Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky (University of South-Australia) (Poster)

Area Meetings

In addition to the lively unofficial exchanges, regular area meetings are held. At least twice per semester members meet within the three research areas to exchange information about further cooperation possibilities.In addition to the lively unofficial exchange, regular area meetings are held. At least twice per semester members meet within the three research areas to exchange information about further cooperation possibilities.

Group Sustainability

The aim of the working group is to develop guidelines, best-practice recommendations and measures to make the CRC more sustainable. It consists of colleagues from all CRC- Areas and meets on a regular basis.

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