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Linguistic research at the University of Cologne

CRC "Prominence in Language"

Welcome to "Prominence in Language"

In this Collaborative Research Centre (CRC 1252) more than sixty researchers are working together in an interdisciplinary team with the goal of providing a comprehensive characterization of prominence in language.

We investigate how prominence structures language with respect to prosody (Area A), morphosyntax and semantics (Area B) as well as text and discourse structure (Area C) in a large variety of languages from more than a dozen major language families and linguistic areas world wide. Our research on prominence contributes to a better understanding of language as a system between communication and cognition.


Talk by Kedi Simpson

Talk by Kedi Simpson

Kedi Simpson (PhD, University of Oxford, Department of Education) will be making a short visit to the CRC on April 12 -13. She will give a talk on April 13 at 10 a.m. in the HoP Spitzboden on "You say bouteille d’eau, I write potato: what do beginner learners of French really understand when they hear French?”.


From June 16 to 17, the LingCologne2023 will take place in Cologne with this year's theme 'Prediction in Language'. The call for posters is still open until March 24. In addition, registrations are also already possible. Click here for more information about the conference!
Plenary Talk by Nikolaus P. Himmelmann

Plenary Talk by Nikolaus P. Himmelmann

At the 45th Annual Meeting of the DGfS (March 7-10) in Cologne, Nikolaus P. Himmelmann (A03, B05, C09, INF) gave a plenary talk titled "Creativity and routine at the prosody-syntax interface: playing with intonation unit boundaries."
Wilhelm von Humboldt Award

Wilhelm von Humboldt Award

Maria Bardají i Farré (B05) received the Wilhelm von Humboldt Award for young scholars. It was awarded to her and to Aikaterini Lida Kalouli at the 45th Annual Meeting of the German Linguistic Society. Congratulations!
Nacaps Study

Nacaps Study

We invite our PhD students to participate in the Nacaps study („National Academics Panel Study“) - a nationwide longitudinal study of doctoral students and doctoral graduates. Click here for more information and for a link to the study.

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