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CRC 1252 retreat 2019

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June 26 - 28, 2019 - Bad Honnef

This year's CRC retreat was held in Bad Honnef from June 26-28, 2019 and brought together present CRC members and future collaboration partners across a vide range of topics. The main goal of this retreat was to discuss current project developments and outline the development of new questions for the second phase of the CRC.

The first day was dedicated to individual flash talks and poster presentations of the different projects, engaging everyone in vivid discussions on results and plans. We also used the opportunity to shoot some scenes for the upcoming image film on the CRC. The evening activity was improvised: while some took a swim in the nearby river Rhine, others had a go on knocking over the prominent king in the Viking chess game Kubb.

The World-Café Sessions were carried out during the second day. This format allowed hosts to present central key-words of their research to changing visitor groups who then discussed the respective keyword with fresh perspectives and ideas - allowing for a maximum of diverse exchange. It was often hard to interrupt the fruitful discussions and usher the travelers to their next destination after 30 minutes. Finally, the results were summarized and presented at the plenum.

The last day was dedicated to the development of the common framework for the second phase, defining the guiding research questions that make projects within the CRC unique while connecting them throughout the areas. The retreat was a huge success and lay the best possible foundation for our work on the pre-proposal, aiming at the continuation of the CRC Prominence in Language.