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C04 - Conceptual and referential activation in discourse

As a basis for the current project, we propose that prominence relations are among the core features contributing to referent management - at the level of comprehension and at the level of discourse planning. We suggest that, in referent management, prominence-lending features affect two related processes: activation of a concept and activation of a referent. The overall goal of the project is to develop a discourse model that can account for some key features in discourse processing, in particular for those features that are associated with concept activation and referent activation.

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Prof. Dr. Klaus von Heusinger

Speaker of the CRC, Principal Investigator B04, C04, Ö and Z

Office: Philosophikum, room 2.116 and CRC, Luxemburger Str. 299, room 1.09
E-mail: klaus.vonheusinger(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-4884 (Philosophikum) and -89900 (CRC)
Web: Prof. Dr. Klaus von Heusinger


Dr. Jet Hoek

Postdoc C04

Office: SFB, Luxemburger Str. 299, room 1.05
E-mail: jhoek(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-89902
Web: Dr. Jet Hoek


Frederike Weeber

Doctoral student C04

Office: SFB, Luxemburger Str. 299, room 1.05
E-mail: fweeber1(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-89902
Web: Frederike Weeber

List of publications





  • Weiland-Breckle, Hanna, Sam Featherstone & Klaus von Heusinger. 2017. Conditions on systematic polysemy: An empirical investigation on the pragmatics of predicate transfer. Linguistische Berichte  252. 459–491.