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Ö - Public Relations

The major goals of project Ö ("Öffentlichkeitsarbeit" in German) is to inform the public about our research center and more generally, to contribute to a better understanding of the functions and structural properties of language in general and of those related to prominence in particular. The project targets journalists, the interested public, and people active in the cultural sector and local government. We aim to explore and establish new cooperations between the academic and the non-academic sector.



Prof. Dr. Aria Adli

Principal Investigator Ö, INF and C01

Office: Philosophikum, room 2.314
E-mail: aria.adli(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-4448
Web: Prof. Dr. Aria Adli


Prof. Dr. Klaus von Heusinger

Speaker of the SFB, Principal Investigator B04, C04, Ö and Z

Office: SFB, Luxemburger Str. 299, room 1.09
E-mail: klaus.vonheusinger(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-89907
Web: Prof. Dr. Klaus von Heusinger