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B06 - Attention and prominence in language production and acquisition

The proposed project seeks to examine links between attentional processes and linguistic prominence by investigating effects of visual attention on language production. In particular, the goals are: (i) to test the extent to which attention-orienting may affect the choice of grammatical structure in German, (ii) to examine whether and which prominence-lending features of agentivity and animacy (e.g. control, sentience, etc.) interact with attention, (iii) to investigate the developmental trajectory of the attention-language interface.

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Prof. Dr. Martina Penke

Principal Investigator B06

Office: Herbert-Lewin-Straße 10, room 307
E-mail: martina.penke(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-5592
Web: Prof. Dr. Martina Penke


Dr. Sarah Verlage (geb. Dolscheid)

Principal Investigator B06

Office: Herbert-Lewin-Straße 10
E-mail: sarah.verlage(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-2157
Web: Dr. Sarah Verlage


Dr. Yulia Esaulova (on parental leave)

Postdoc B06

Office: Herbert-Lewin-Straße 10, room 304
E-mail: yulia.esaulova(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-6373
Web: Dr. Yulia Esaulova


Dr. Judith Schlenter

Postdoc B06

Office: Herbert-Lewin-Straße 10, room 304
E-mail: jschlent(at)
Phone: (+49) 221-470-6373
Homepage: Judith Schlenter


To appear

  • Esaulova, Yulia, Sarah Dolscheid & Martina Penke. To appear. All it takes to produce passives in German. In V. Torrens (ed.), Proceedings of the Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference.




  • Asano, Rie, Pia Bornus, Justin T. Craft, Sarah Dolscheid, Sarah E. M. Faber, Viviana Haase, Marvin Heimerich, Radha Kopparti, Marit Lobben, Ayumi M. Osawa, Kendra Oudyk, Patrick C. Trettenbrein, Timo Varelmann, Simon Wehrle, Runa Ya, Martine Grice & Kai Vogeley. 2018. Spring School on Language, Music and Cognition: Organizing Events in Time. Music & Science, 1-17.