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B06 - Attention and prominence in language production and acquisition

In the project, we manipulate the attention of a speaker describing a transitive event and investigate how this manipulation is reflected in the linguistic formulation of the produced utterances, specifically in the use of linguistic markers of prominence. Phase I of the project established the effects of different conceptual and perceptual attention-drawing factors on message generation and linguistic formulation in adult German speakers. Against this baseline of adult behaviour, in phase II, the project’s focus will be on exploring how the interaction between attention and linguistic prominence develops in children.

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Prof. Dr. Martina Penke

Principal Investigator B06

Office: Herbert-Lewin-Straße 10, room 307
E-mail: martina.penke(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-5592
Web: Prof. Dr. Martina Penke


Dr. Judith Schlenter

Postdoc B06

Office: Herbert-Lewin-Straße 10, room 304
E-mail: jschlent(at)
Phone: (+49) 221-470-6373
Web: Judith Schlenter


Barbara Zeyer

Doctoral student B06

Office: Herbert-Lewin-Straße 10, room 304
E-mail: bzeyer2(at)


To appear

  • Esaulova, Yulia, Sarah Dolscheid & Martina Penke. To appear. All it takes to produce passives in German. In V. Torrens (ed.), Proceedings of the Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference.
  • Schlenter, Judith, Yulia Esaulova, Barbara Zeyer & Martina Penke. To appear. Effects of agent position and orientation on perception and production. In Proceedings of ExLing 2021: 12th International Conference of Experimental Linguistics, 11-13 October. Athens, Greece.





  • Asano, Rie, Pia Bornus, Justin T. Craft, Sarah Dolscheid, Sarah E. M. Faber, Viviana Haase, Marvin Heimerich, Radha Kopparti, Marit Lobben, Ayumi M. Osawa, Kendra Oudyk, Patrick C. Trettenbrein, Timo Varelmann, Simon Wehrle, Runa Ya, Martine Grice & Kai Vogeley. 2018. Spring School on Language, Music and Cognition: Organizing Events in Time. Music & Science, 1-17.