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B01 - Prominence phenomena in Slavic languages

Project B01 examines the interaction of prominence-lending features in Slavic impersonal construc­tions: the Polish ‑no/‑to construction (mówiono ‘they said’), the reflexive impersonal (mówi się ‘they say’) and the 3pl impersonal (Russian govorjat ‘they say’). It is commonly agreed upon that these constructions imply a human subject. However, even so there are marked differences in acceptability with different verbs, which we assume to depend on features of agentivity stipulated by the semantics of the verb. In order to find out which agentivity features are relevant, we use corpus analyses, acceptability judgement tests and preference tests.

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Prof. Dr. Daniel Bunčić

Principal Investigator B01

Office: Slavisches Seminar, Weyertal 137
E-mail: daniel.buncic(at)
Phone: (+49) 221 470-3355
Web: Prof. Dr. Daniel Bunčić


To appear

  • Bunčić, Daniel. To appear. Agent prominence and movement in Russian third person plural impersonals (“indefinite-personal sentences”). Die Welt der Slaven: Internationale Halbjahresschrift für Slavistik 65(2). 297-311.


  • Bunčić, Daniel. 2019. Agent prominence in the Polish -no/-to construction. In Anastasia Bauer & Daniel Bunčić (eds.), Linguistische Beiträge zur Slavistik: XXIV. JungslavistInnen-Treffen in Köln, 17.–19. September 2015, 63-76. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. pdf
  • Prenner, Maria Katarzyna. 2019. Agentivität in menschlich-unpersönlichen Konstruktionen im Polnischen. Linguistische Treffen in Wrocław 15. 341-350.


  • Bunčić, Daniel. 2018. Impersonal constructions in Slavic languages and the agentivity of the verb. In Sebastian Kempgen, Monika Wingender & Norbert Franz (eds.), Deutsche Beiträge zum 16. Internationalen Slavistenkongress, Belgrad 2018, 101-110. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. pdf