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Organisation and Procedure

The CRC's Ombudsteam offers support to all CRC 1252 members and student assistants in case of conflicts and problems at the workplace or during supervision. It consists of:

- the Ombudsperson and his/her representative from the group of PIs (holding a continuing position, if possible) who are elected by the members' assembly on the recommendation of postdocs, doctoral students and non-scientific staff.

- the representative(s) of the postdocs

- the representative(s) of the doctoral students

- the representative(s) of the non-scientific staff


In case of conflict CRC members can get in touch with the above-mentioned contact persons. The following is to be considered:

- the person asking for help is obliged to get in touch with the Ombudsteam proactively

- the steps are determined in a phased plan of de-escalation

- In cases of serious conflicts (especially in those which could lead to termination of employment) the parties involved are obliged to show that they have at least followed step 3 of the plan of de-escalation, including engaging external advice (if recommended by the Ombudsteam).

Otherwise, the Ombudsteam's recommendations are not binding.

The members of the Ombudsteam work to the best of their knowledge. They may not be subject to disadvantage in terms of their research or career progression as a result of this work. All information is confidential. Both whistle-blowers and parties in conflict are to be protected.