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In der ersten Förderperiode 2017 bis 2020 haben wir im SFB "Prominence in Language" 19 Teilprojekte in den drei Forschungsfeldern

Darüber hinaus gibt es drei übergreifende Projekte aus dem Bereich Service (Z), Infrastruktur (INF) und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (Ö).

Area A - Prosodic prominence

A01 - Intonation and attention orienting: Neurophysiological and behavioural correlates

A02 - Individual behaviour in encoding and decoding prosodic prominence

A03 - Prosodic prominence in cross-linguistic perspective

A04 - Dynamic modelling of prosodic prominence

A05 - Prominence marking and language contact in Spanish

Area B - Prominence in morpho-syntax and semantics

B01 - Prominence phenomena in Slavic languages

B02 - Split ergativity in Tima

B03 - Agent prominence and the diachrony of predication in Indo-Aryan

B04 - Interaction of nominal and verbal features for Differential Object Marking

B05 - Prominence-related structures in Austronesian symmetrical voice languages

B06 - Attention and prominence in language production and acqusition

B07 - Agentivity as a key to prominence: Experimental approaches to argument alternations in German

Area C - Prominence management in discourse

C01 - Prominence and information structure

C02 - Tense and aspect in discourse

C03 - Reference management in bilingual narratives

C04 - Conceptual and referential activation in discourse

C05 - Discourse referents as perspectival centers

C06 - Prominence in subordinating rhetorical relations

C07 - Forward and backward functions of discourse anaphora

Inf - Data, Design and Sustainability

Ö - Making prominence prominent

Z - Central Services