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Linguistic research at the University of Cologne

CRC "Prominence in Language"

Welcome to "Prominence in Language"

In this Collaborative Research Centre (CRC 1252) more than seventy researchers from the University of Cologne are working together in an interdisciplinary team with the goal of providing a comprehensive characterization of prominence in language.

We investigate how prominence structures language with respect to prosody (Area A), morphosyntax and semantics (Area B) as well as text and discourse structure (Area C) in a large variety of languages from more than a dozen major language families and linguistic areas world wide. Our research on prominence contributes to a better understanding of language as a system between communication and cognition.




Experimental concert of the CRC 1252 at St. Peter church

Experimental concert of the CRC 1252 at St. Peter church

13 October 2018 will see the premiere of new music about "prominence" - a composition exclusively written for the CRC 1252. Afterwards, we invite you to stay for a panel discussion with Prof. Sybille Krämer (FU Berlin), Prof. Aria Adli (CRC 1252) and composer Roman Pfeifer.

Workshop "Datives in Discourse" at CRC 1252

Workshop "Datives in Discourse" at CRC 1252

Klaus von Heusinger (University of Cologne) and Alina Tigau (University of Cologne/University of Bucharest) will give a workshop on the topic "Datives in Discourse" from 25 ‒ 26 October 2018. Deadline of call for papers: 1 Sept 2018.

CRC workshop of Referentiality on 27th and 28th September

CRC workshop of Referentiality on 27th and 28th September

Invited guests are Artemis Alexiadou (HU Berlin), Janice Carruthers (Queen's University, Belfast), Petra Hendriks (Groningen), Emmanuelle Labeau (Aston University, Birmingham), Manuel Leonetti (Alcalá), Ludovica Serratrice (Reading) and Henriette de Swart (Utrecht).

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