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Linguistic research at the University of Cologne

CRC "Prominence in Language"

Welcome to "Prominence in Language"

In this Collaborative Research Centre (CRC 1252) more than seventy researchers from the University of Cologne are working together in an interdisciplinary team with the goal of providing a comprehensive characterization of prominence in language.

We investigate how prominence structures language with respect to prosody (Area A), morphosyntax and semantics (Area B) as well as text and discourse structure (Area C) in a large variety of languages from more than a dozen major language families and linguistic areas world wide. Our research on prominence contributes to a better understanding of language as a system between communication and cognition.



COFLIS Workshop in Bari

COFLIS Workshop in Bari

On June 20, the COFLIS Workshop will take place in Bari. The workshop dealing with prosodic prominence is organised by Martine Grice (A01), Stefan Baumann (A01) and Francesco Cangemi (A02), etc. To reduce our carbon footprint, it is possible to attend the workshop via webinar (online). Click here to register for the oral sessions and reach the webinar.

Uta Reinöhl - Interview with FAZ

Uta Reinöhl - Interview with FAZ

Uta Reinöhl (B03) speaks with FAZ about the benefits and challanges of language documentation. In her recent field research project she concerns herself with morphological processes of the north Indian language Kera'a. More information concerning her opinion on the relation between language and identity can be found in the linked interview.

Uta Reinöhl receives the most important junior prize in Germany

Uta Reinöhl receives the most important junior prize in Germany

This year, ten researchers will be receiving the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize, the most prestigious award for young researchers. The recipients will be awarded the 20,000€ prize by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in Berlin on 28 May (in German only!).

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