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Linguistic research at the University of Cologne

CRC "Prominence in Language"

Welcome to "Prominence in Language"

In this Collaborative Research Centre (CRC 1252) more than seventy researchers from the University of Cologne are working together in an interdisciplinary team with the goal of providing a comprehensive characterization of prominence in language.

We investigate how prominence structures language with respect to prosody (Area A), morphosyntax and semantics (Area B) as well as text and discourse structure (Area C) in a large variety of languages from more than a dozen major language families and linguistic areas world wide. Our research on prominence contributes to a better understanding of language as a system between communication and cognition.


Cooperation between KI-Start-up "ella" and SFB-Project C05

Cooperation between KI-Start-up "ella" and SFB-Project C05

Ella aims to automatically generate fictional texts by using artificial intelligence. Together the working team is going to investigate AI-texts according to their structure and quality. Results will then be merged into the programme of the ella-AI which the start up is currenctly working on.

Daniel Gutzmann wins Offermann-Hergarten-Preis 2019

Daniel Gutzmann wins Offermann-Hergarten-Preis 2019

Daniel Gutzmann, private lecturer for German Linguistics at the IDSL1, is with his habilitation "The Grammar of Expressivity" among one of the five winners of the Offermann-Hergarten-Preis 2019. The award ceremony takes place at November 21, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the main building ("neuer Senatssaal").

A05 at Conference in Spain - Lecture on Prominence in DOM

A05 at Conference in Spain - Lecture on Prominence in DOM

Melanie Uth and Patrick Auhagen (student Assistant) from A05 are visiting the conference "Congreso Internacional I ALFALito" in Madrid from vom October, 28 until October 30, 2019. They will also be giving a presentation on differential object marking (DOM) in two varieties of mexican Spanisch (Abstract attached).

2nd Network Meeting (Cologne - Potsdam - Saarbrücken)

2nd Network Meeting (Cologne - Potsdam - Saarbrücken)

On November 14 and 15, 2019 the second Network Meeting between the three CRCs Cologne (1252), Potsdam (1102), and Saarbrücken (1287) takes place - this time in Cologne. The researchers will be discussing thematic and methodological approaches to "discourse". The programme and website can be accessed here.

Publication: Riesberg, Malcher & Himmelmann (2019)

Publication: Riesberg, Malcher & Himmelmann (2019)

Austronesian symmetrical voice languages allow for both ‘agent-first’ and ‘undergoer-first’ orders in basic transitive constructions. We argue that these languages still provide evidence for a *universal ‘agent-first’ principle*, reflecting the claim for agents to be universally more prominent than verbal arguments with other thematic roles.

"Prosody Visualisation Challenge" won at the ICPhs 2019

"Prosody Visualisation Challenge" won at the ICPhs 2019

Congratulations to Aviad Albert, Francesco Cangemi and Martine Grice (A02) for winning the "Prosody Visualisation Challenge" at the "International Congress of the Phonetic Sciences" in Melbourne. Their contribution was entitled "Can you draw me a question?"

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