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Area B - Prominence in morpho-syntax and semantics

At the morphosyntax-semantics interface, the notion of prominence is tied to various hierarchies (see Lamers and de Swart 2012 and Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Malchukov, and Richards 2014 for comprehensive overviews, and further references in below). Here we find work both from a more functional (e.g. Lehmann, Shin, and Verheuven 2000; Bisang 2006a, b; Bickel 2010; Verhoeven 2014) and a more formal point of view (e.g. Aissen 2003; de Hoop and Lamers 2006; Richards 2014). A recent approach that does not tie prominence to hierarchies and scales is Vogel (2015), who assumes that the prominent element differs from the other elements in the comparison set at least in one important property. The author differs from the present approach in that he does not restrict prominence relations to units of the same kind (vs. Def1 above). Furthermore, his prominence notion is static while ours involves continuous updating (see Def3 above). Despite these significant differences, his approach is similar in spirit in that it tries to give a principled account for a wide range of morphosyntactic prominence phenomena that to date have not been considered together. It will therefore serve as an important source for clarifying our hypotheses and proposals in this domain. 

Projekte in Forschungsfeld B