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External contact persons at the University of Cologne

General advice offered by the University of Cologne
Help and advice for problems and conflicts: 
Albertus Magnus Graduate Center (AMGC): 

Conflicts between doctoral students and PIs
Ombudsperson for the Philosophische Fakultät = Prof. Dr. Christof Hamann:

In cases of suspected academic misconduct
Albertus Magnus Graduate Center (AMGC): 
Ombudsperson for the UoC + committee: 

Disciplinary, financial and labour-law related questions
Staff council of the UoC (academic staff):
Staff council of administrative and technical staff:
Council of student assistants of the UoC:

Gender equality officer of Philosophische Fakultät:

Personal problems
For doctoral students - Kölner Studierendenwerk: 
For employees of the UoC - consulting for employees and leadership staff:

International Office: 
Rectorate's commissioners and liaison lecturer: