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We provide support to all members and student assistants at the CRC in case of conflicts and problems at the workplace or during supervision.

If there is a conflict or other problem, your first step should always be to take up this matter with the person(s) concerned, because conflicts often arise from misunderstandings, unspoken expectations and different priorities, and such a conversation may help to clear up the matter. If, for whatever reason, this conversation is not possible or if the conflict remains unresolved, it may be helpful to speak with a third party about your concerns. We would therefore like to encourage all of you to contact us in such cases. Our aim is to find solutions together and to prevent conflicts from escalating.

Here is further information about us, our procedure and steps for the phased plan of de-escalation

Additionally, we organise the following supportive measures:
- providing information on the web and in the House of Prominence (1st floor)
- development of best practice models
- organisation of advanced training measures

We are not responsible in cases of: 
- discrimination and harassment
- cases of suspected academic misconduct
- disciplinary, financial and labour-law related questions
- personal problems

The University of Cologne provides suitable contact persons. If you are unsure, you can contact us so that we will informally discuss your options with you.